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Windows Virtual PC does not support 64-bit guests. You may want to look into VirtualBox or VMware . You may also want to see the answers to the similar question on Server Fault .

Demonstrate how to setup a Virtual PC environment within a Windows 7 system.,news-33258.html

Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC are special programs available for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions which allow you to run multiple Windows environments such as Windows XP Mode, etc from your Windows 7 desktop. Télécharger windows 7 professionel iso 64 bit - SosVirus Télécharger gratuitement windows 7 professionel iso 64 bit (Image disque) en cas de perte du dvd, de panne, de rayure dvd .. Windows 7 - Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 64-bit On normal Windows XP 32-bit, most 16-bit programs run fine. This is because of Windows on Windows executable (wowexec.exe). However on 64 bit machines, Windows on ... Dossier Windows 7 : Windows Virtual PC et Windows XP Mode - GNT http://xn--80aclbtpjcuhvf7bjk0d.xn--p1ai/vw1uju7/windows-server-2012-virtual-machine-download.html

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (64-bit) - Free download and ...

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